eKuore Pro Teaching Stethoscope

6,500 ر.س

Product overview

eKuore Pro teaching stethoscope, education, and training kit, improves the learning process by permitting an interactive auscultation and group listening up to 6 people.

Record, listen and share auscultation

Help your students by sharing the sound of different pathologies, enabling phonograms for each one

Create your own auscultations database

The electronic stethoscope, education and training kit allows to create an auscultation database for different pathologies

Remote auscultation

Remote auscultation

Enabling virtual classrooms to continue learning, providing remote interaction between clinical educators and students

Replaceable chest pieces

Interchangeable chest pieces for hygienic purposes and paediatric and adult auscultations

  • 6,500 ر.س

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