Hyper-Realistic Drawing Online + Kit

٧٬٥٥٣ ر.س

Hyper-Realistic Drawing Workshop on Zoom

  • Instructor: Nourine Hammad
  • Date: (Monday) May 8

(Monday) May 15

(Monday) May 22

(Monday) May 29

  • Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Duration: 4 hrs/ day, over 4 weeks

Makerspace is proud to introduce an exclusive collaboration with the renowned artist Nourine Hammad. This exceptional online Hyper-realistic workshop is limited to a few participants. This is done to establish a hands-on experience while getting the undivided attention from the artist, this active participation enables Nourine to focus on the development of each member’s skills.

Join Nourine as she unveils her intricate techniques in everything from sketching and shading to blending and highlighting to create exceptional realistic artworks.

*Limited spots available.


*The Kit will be delivered 3 Days before the workshop.

  • ٧٬٥٥٣ ر.س
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